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The Color Seal Option 

Sometimes no matter how deeply you clean your grout lines it still will have discolorization because of staining or grout imperfections, Color seal is a protective sealant and re-colorant all in one! The seal is available in more than 350 different colors so if you want to change your grout color altogether this is an amazing option. The sealer we use has a chemical makeup that is eco-friendly, and odorless. The sealer is completely dried in10 minutes and cured in 6 hours, you will find that the bond is nearly unbreakable!

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Natural stone floors need professional cleaning methods and equipment to get your floors back to pristine condition once again, regular maintenance cleaning will not do the job. Stone and stone tile is very porous, this means the surface is like a sponge to spills many times causing staining problems. Green rhino's tile cleaning service has the recipe to get your tile or stone floors looking amazing and protected against perminant staining problems in the future.


Stone floor cleaning is not one method for all solutions. Your floors or countertops may need that refininshing touch. After evaluating your tile or stone floors we will configure the best cleaning method for your floors. We provide stone cleaning services in Paso Robles and surrounding areas.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning By Green Rhino Carpet & Tile Cleaning

Green Rhino is your top resource for Paso Robles Ca tile and grout cleaning services. Our thorough services are guaranteed to leave your surfaces looking as beautiful and bright as they did when they were first installed. Our crews have extensive experience. They receive top-notch training, so you can feel confident that they will perform to your utmost satisfaction. Our cleanings only take a few hours to complete in most cases, so they can be performed with minimal disruption to your routine. We offer affordable prices for all of our services. The price will depend on the size of your tile and grout floor. Let us come by and give you a quote or get a quote over the phone. Green Rhino also offers Natural Stone Floor Cleaning and sealing such as Travertine tile. Get your tile or stone floors looking like new again by calling the most recommended carpet and tile cleaning company in Paso Robles Ca and surrounding areas. How much does it cost to clean Tile and Grout? Give us a call and we can give you an easy Ballpark estimate. 805-369-2468

1) We clean your Tile & Grout so It looks new again.
2) Our cleaning agents effectively Removes Stains, Mildew, and Residue.
3) We help prevent additional stains and discoloring with Sealant 
4) We leave your tile floors easy to clean and maintain.