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Deep Cleaning, Strip, and Seal

Mexican tile floors may appear to be in very poor condition but only need a good deep cleaning to evacuate dirt, grime, and other contaminants that  became embedded in the existing sealer. Using professional cleaning solutions and equipment to effectively strip the tiles, creating a clean canvas void of dirt, scuffs, and scratches. After the cleaning is complete, we apply a sealer to protect and enhance the natural beauty of your floor or surface. 

Saltillo Tile Cleaning and Restoration Service
Tile cleaning Paso Robles
Tile Cleaning Paso Robles Ca


Natural stone floors need professional cleaning methods and equipment to get your floors back to pristine condition once again, regular maintenance cleaning will not do the job. Stone and stone tile is very porous, this means the surface is like a sponge to spills many times causing staining problems. Green rhino's tile cleaning service has the recipe to get your tile or stone floors looking amazing and protected against perminant staining problems in the future.


Stone floor cleaning is not one method for all solutions. Your floors or countertops may need that refininshing touch. After evaluating your tile or stone floors we will configure the best cleaning method for your floors. We provide stone cleaning services in Paso Robles and surrounding areas.



Tile cleaner Paso Robles Ca

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We provide free estimates providing you with all the options you have to getting your saltillo floors looking amazing again. No matter if your working on a budget or want to do a full restoration we are here to asist you.

​​​​​Saltillo Floors Cleaning Service Serving Paso Robles and Surrounding areas

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Tile cleaning in paso robles

Saltillo and terra cotta are beautiful.

But time can get the best of these surfaces if not  cleaned and maintained properly. The waxes and polishes originally applied to Saltillo, Mexican tiles, terra cotta, and pavers make them easy to clean and maintain, but after many years, buildup and soiling becomes evident.
Grout lines may also become black with embedded dirt and grime of everyday living. This is the natural aging sequence of your Saltillo and terra cotta tiles. Fortunantly you do not need to replace them as they can be restored to or near their original finish.

Maybe your just looking for a freshing up with just a deep cleaning to unsealed floors, or a Top scrub and recoat for sealed floors we are hear to help you. Green rhino services Paso Robles and surrounding areas cleaning and restoring Saltillo tile floors.