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Why are people choosing Green Rhino Carpet Cleaningfor their carpet cleaning needs?

We go the extra mile! First We decide whether a low-moisture carpet cleaning or steam cleaning is the proper method for your carpets, pre-vacuum, clean under all movable furniture, pre-scrub the heavily soiled areas of the carpet with Rotary Equipment before extraction, then we extract. We treat red stains and pet stains at no extra cost, use a floor fan to the most used area or room while we clean so that that area will be dry soonest, we give you booties before we leave so you can walk on the carpet until they are fully dry, and we give you a free bottle of spotter and lifetime refills for those spills that happen from time to time. No, we are not the cheapest or the most expensive we do quality work for a fair price and we love what we do.

Travel Fee for SLO, Morro bay & Heritage Ranch $40

 Oak Shores $80

The fee may be waved for larger jobs