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Green Rhino Stone floor polishing Paso Robles
Green Rhino Stone floor polishing Paso Robles

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Green Rhino Stone floor polishing Paso Robles

Green Rhino stone care expert provide floor refinishing or resurfacing services. We polish Limestone,Travertine, and Marble Floors. We also polish Marble,Travertine, Onyx and Limestone countertops, mantels, and showers. Most polished concrete floors and Natural stones jobs cost between $7 to $8 per square foot to clean and polish, but may run as high as $15 to $30 per square foot. Expect higher costs if you have damage to the floor that needs restoral work. At Green Rhino we offer Natural Stone Polishing at right around $4 per square foot. We use specialized diamond pads that take fewer steps, in turn, saving you time and most importantly money.

Green Rhino Stone floor polishing Paso Robles
Stone floor polishing Paso Robles Ca


Polishing natural hard floor surfaces is a service Green Rhino provides at an affordable price. With our 3-step polishing process we can get Beautiful results in half the time of our competitors. This means less time you will have to be out of your home or hidden in a room waiting until the technicians have completed their work. 

If floors have deep scratches or lippage a full restoration is recommended but if you just want that shine back Green Rhino Carpet & Tile Cleaning can get the job done for you.

We offer stone floor polishing in Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, and surrounding cities. 

Our Cleaning And Polishing Process Provides:
* Simple process, fewer steps and better results To clean and polish.
* Spectacular lasting shine.
* Non-slip shine even in the wet.
* It even removes acid stains.
* Does not scratch the ground
* Only with water
* Eco friendly, no chemicals.

Natural Stone Polishing