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If needed we also will do Two-Part Intense floor cleaning PLUS spray buff  $1.00 SQFT

We also now offer wax removal to get floors back to its natural state at $1.50 SQFT

Our machine deep cleans wood floors, with a custom-designed cylindrical brush that gets rid of the dirt without affecting the finish. The exclusive and powerful water containment vacuum system extracts the toughest dirt and surface contaminants while leaving a dry floor immediately after use. 


Buffing is the final step in any professional refinishing job, but it can also be done as a solitary process to restore the shine to a dull, lifeless hardwood floor. Also known as the "screen and recoat" method, buffing a hardwood floor will not remove deep scratches and heavy damage.

Buffing a hardwood floor is a great way to renew the appearance of a scratched, worn finish without incurring the expense and hassle of completely refinishing

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Spray Buff Procedure: Spray Buffing is a two-step process

Step One:
Apply a light mist of Spray Buff in front of the floor machine of approximately 2-4 feet forward and 6-8" wide. The first step in the spray buffing operation will evenly apply and spread the material to the floor and the second pass will produce the high gloss. Spray buff is to be applied in a fine mist, not directly on the floor, but a mist over the area. Avoid applying spray in a solid stream (this leads to build-up).

Step Two:
Once you have applied/buffed the area of approximately 4' x 6' now begin to dry buff the same area again with no spray buff being applied. Dry buff the floor until the floor surface is glossy and not tacky.

Always spray buff from right to left / left to right (in a pendulum motion).
Dwell on scuff marks - some to be done by hand with a small red pad.
Use as little spray buff as possible.
If the product starts to build up on pads, too much spray buff is being used.
Dust mop the entire floor after you have spray buffed.
Be sure to hit edges and corners (very important)

Green Rhino Offers this service at a fair price of $.80 per  SQ FT

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