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COVID-19 Effecting Green Rhino Carpet Cleaning

The Cleaning industry Including Home cleaning and floor cleaning is considered an Essential Businesses so we are open to business but taking special precautions.

Here at Green Rhino, we are happy to notify you our Technicians are fully Vaccinated as of 05-11-21. 

1) Do the current situation of Covid-19 we are taking extra steps to protect you and your family and us from the spread of this virus.
2) When we enter your home we will be wearing new face masks and gloves and we will touch nothing in your home or office except for what is necessary.
3) Before we leave we will sanitize with EPA-approved sanitizing products such as Light switches, door handles,

If you are sick or feel you are coming down with something please let us know and we'll reschedule for another time.

Other than that just hang out in a Non-Carpeted room or step out for a little bit until we finish with the cleaning.

When we leave you will have a cleaner healthier home for you, your loved ones, and employees.